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Sanya Woods

I can honestly say that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders since I found The Cultivating Mom. Coach T makes my homeschooling life so much easier which trickles down to the rest of my hectic schedule. She really takes the time and guess work out of what is takes to be a successful homeschool/work from home mom. Her passion to help mom's like me shows up in the work she does. I am so happy I found her.

Vanessa Daniel

Tomekia  took me step by step on how to withdraw my son from public school, understanding what a homeschool association was, and how to join one. She helped me know the importance of choosing a curriculum that was best for my child's learning, gave me different tools/resources that could help me along the way, and personally came to my house with her laptop to show me how to keep records of what was being taught. She always gave encouraging words when I became nervous that I would go wrong somewhere, really just gave me a sense of comfort.