The Cultivating Mom is a homeschool blog and coaching service by Tomekia Latoya. Tomekia is a self-proclaimed homeschool professional, healthy eating obsessed, loving, family woman who believes women are more than just women. She loves to live a healthy carefree frugal lifestyle.

Tomekia has been blogging for the past 5 years on my life journeys.

Three years ago she took on the journey of becoming the first woman in her family to homeschool her children. When taking on this task she realized it was a lonely arena for women that looked like her in the nearby communities. Knowing that there could be other women going through the same experience and having the love for writing, she decided to be a source for women wanting to better educate themselves and their babies when it came to homeschool and self-care.

Tomekia, the first time stay at home homeschool mom, takes on the tasks of helping other women find balance and easy transitions into homeschool and a better way of living.