Homeschool Options - Personal Experience

When my husband and I first decided we would be homeschooling our

children I had no idea where to start or what we needed. So the research began and I realized that the first thing I needed to know was the law and requirements for homeschooling. To start my search, I went to google and searched just that “homeschool requirements”. After doing this search I realized that just like all other laws they vary from state to state so I had to find out what was needed within the state of South Carolina.

Now for the information you’ve been waiting for. In reviewing the information on the previous mentioned site as well as the South Carolina Department of Education site I found just what I needed. In order to homeschool in South Carolina, you are required to have and do the following:

  • You as the parent must have at least a high school diploma or GED

  • Teach at least 180 days out of the year

  • Teach the following required subjects: reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and, in grades 7–12, composition and literature.

The state of South Carolina also provides parents or guardians with three different options for home schooling their children. Yes, there are three options! You may be thinking just what I was. “Why multiple options and will I be able to do this?” Well let’s find out what those options are and you tell me if you think you can do it. Just to let you know before hand, I know you can.

Option One

Option one allows the parents to home school their children under the support of a school district with the following conditions:

Obtain approval from the district board of trustees.

Contact the board of trustees of your local public school district for information about their homeschool application process, and submit an application.

Teach the required subjects for the required time.

Your curriculum must include the required subjects as listed above. You must teach your child for at least 180 days with each day being at least 4.5 hours, not counting lunch or recesses.

Maintain records.

A plan book, diary, or other written record indicating subjects taught and activities in which you and your child participate.

A portfolio of samples of your child’s work.

A record of your child’s academic progress assessments.

Submit a semiannual progress report.

You must submit a semiannual progress report that includes attendance records and assessments of your child’s progress in each of the required subjects.

Ensure your student has access to library facilities.

Test your child annually.

Your child will need to participate in the annual statewide testing program and the Basic Skills Assessment Program. Tests would have to be administered by a certified school district employee.

Option Two

Option two allows parents to home school their children with the support of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools. You can find more information at

(fees to join may vary)

Option Three

Option three if chosen allows parents to choose a home school association which has no fewer than fifty members and meets the home school requirements. You can find a list of 3rd option associations at

(fees to join may vary)

When choosing your home schooling option its best to choose one that is best for you and your family. It may seem a little overwhelming but it’s all doable. Sit down, make your pros and cons list of why each option would and wouldn’t work for your family, and go from there.

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