90 Day Report - Personal Experience

We have made it half way through the school year, but we haven't made the 90 days requirement.

One of the requirements for homeschooling is that you must home school for 180 days per school year. So that you can be held accountable you must report this information to your chosen home school association. Every one is different but our chosen association requires us to do a check in half way though the year and then again at the end of the year.

When I got the reminder that the 90 day report was due my first thought was "shit we didn't make it to 90 days". I knew this without even checking. We had started mid August and had barely done any instructional time in the month of December. When submitting my report I could have easily lied and made up for the days later, but I knew that wouldn't do me any good. In our 90 day report I stated that we are still homeschooling but had not reached 90 days. I also stated that our curriculum includes, but is not limited to, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies, we have maintained records indicating subjects taught and activities engaged in, and we have a portfolio of sample academic work. All of this is true. After submitting our report I almost panicked for a moment but then remember we still have time.

What I've realized with home school that as long as we meet the requirements we have nothing to worry about. This is why I love the freedom that comes with this experience. I told myself that even if we had to have instructional time on Saturdays we were gonna make it to 180 days. I did the math and realize we have time. We have 5 more months left and that is more then enough time.

This home school life has challenged me in so many ways but I'm thankful for the growth. I've never wanted to quit but I have told myself repeatedly THIS IS HARD. Being a first time home school mom as well as the first person to do it in my family period I don't think people understand it but I believe they'll see the impact this will have on my children. Just wait for it.

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