How To Become Better With Choosing the Perfect Curriculum

What curriculum do I choose? Where do I go to purchase it? Will I be able to afford it? Can I make my own curriculum? These and I'm sure so many other questions are going through your mind right now. Well, what if I told you there is NO perfect curriculum other than what works for YOUR children and you. What if I told you you might not even need a full curriculum? Let me explain!

Now if you are entering the homeschool arena for the first time, it may be a bit challenging to put together just the right curriculum to use in teaching your children. To be honest at first it is a lot of trial and error if you are doing everything on your own. You must figure out what works best for your household, your child, and you. Again there is NO perfect curriculum.

Do I Purchase A Box Set?

There are many options and organizations around that offer approved and accredited homeschool curriculum for sale. In the homeschool world we call them box set curriculum. These offer a scripted teaching curriculum with both student workbooks as well as teaching manuals. Parents that opt for these pre-made curriculum provide a good education for their kids although it may not be quite as entertaining and interesting as an original curriculum. Something else that can be a problem is that the pre-made curriculum can be very pricey. That’s because these curriculum include all of the required textbooks and reading materials for a particular grade. You even get the books that are required reading for whatever grade you’re teaching. So the only things you’ll need in the way of supplies are things like pencils, paper, and pens. Another issue is you child may not be on one level for every subject, and that fine but the box would not serve them due to it being set for a certain "grade level".

Isn't There Online Options?

Yes, there are online options. Much of the work with these curriculum will be performed on the computer. In fact, there are now actually schools that your child can attend online right at home. These work a bit more like regular public schools in that there are classes and teachers online. Your child will attend these classes just as if they were in public school. These are interactive in that your child can

also ask questions and participate in answering questions. Of course, as you can imagine, a program such as this can also be quite expensive. Another option in some areas of the country is computer homeschool programs that are conducted from the public school classrooms directly. These programs are actually low cost and even free in some places. If you happen to be lucky enough to be eligible for one of these programs, you may also get a free computer for your children to use in their homeschool classes.

Online but NOT Through The Public School System

Yes, this is also an option. There are online programs that are free and not through the public school system. Again this will be trial and error to see if it works for your child. There are some that give the option for all subjects and some that only master in a few.

Create You Own Curriculum

Yes, you read that right. You can create your own curriculum to educate your child the way you see fit. Still meeting your states laws and requirements of course.

Creating you own curriculum has endless possibilities. You can choose the only free items route, you can add in some online options, or maybe even co-ops. You may even choose not to be so structured and not have one at all. Creating you own curriculum can be time consuming but it can also be easy, fun, and rewarding to know you are creating it to fit each child as a individual.

As you can see, there are many options for getting just the right curriculum for your children if you’ve decided to homeschool them. There will be many things to consider in choosing the right one for your situation. Eligibility, availability, and cost are components in selecting the curriculum or program that you want. No matter if you choose to purchase a full curriculum, choose a online option, or the fugal route in creating your own in the end it’s going to be worth every penny of it. You got this!

Which option will you choose? Will it be a mixture of them all? Or will it be none? If you need help choosing a curriculum please reach out. I am here to help you.