Are Homeschool Expos Worth Your Time

In my search to find as much information as possible, I searched for any and everything pertaining to homeschooling online as well as social media outlets. In doing this I came across a homeschool event that was being held near me. It was a Homeschooling Expo! I never knew this was a thing and I was interested so of course, I attended. So was it worth it? Let's talk about it.

Free & Family Friendly

There are local, free to the public, and family-friendly expo available you just have to find them. There are also some that have paid admission but if you can find one that is free I say go for it and take the kids.

Awesome Vendors

Every homeschool expo I've attended there were 75+ vendors providing information about local services and products as well as vendors selling used books. The used books are my fav! They were used and in fairly good conditions.  Vendors range from businesses selling curriculum, different homeschool associations, support groups, and extra-curricular programs for homeschool children.

Informative Workshops

My favorite part of any expo is the workshops. They had workshops for everyone. There were workshops for getting started, internet security, homeschooling special needs children, and the list goes on. The panel was not only women who themselves have homeschooled for years but they worked for some of the homeschool associations that were present. They shared their stories, discussed their homeschool association, answered questions, and opened the floor up for discussion.

To answer the question of it worth it to attend a homeschool expo.....yes, yes, and yes. Even if you don't purchase anything attending an expo it a perfect way to get free information and network with other homeschool families.

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