Is Homeschooling Right for Your Family? Of course, it is!

There are many reasons that parents choose to homeschool their children these days. With the continually rising costs of even public schools, a lot of families simply cannot afford to pay for things like uniforms and a vast amount of supplies.

There are also the ever-increasing incidents of bullying in schools, and if your child is in the least bit different, he or she can be targeted. Sadly, it seems that teachers, school counselors, and even principals can do nothing about this - or so they claim.

The level of education in many schools is another reason for homeschooling. Many teachers have merely glorified babysitters in some schools because they have classrooms filled with students that have no interest in learning. The list goes on and on. Whatever your personal reasons are for thinking that homeschooling will be best for your children, there may still be some thoughts of questioning if it is right for you and your family or not.

Here are a few things you may be thinking that are holding you back from homeschooling:

  • You don't know where to start: You want to homeschool but have NO IDEA where to begin. Well, guess what! The fact there you are here reading this article you have already begun the process to gain knowledge and information to start homeschooling your children. (take a minute to celebrate) Homeschooling in every state is different so the best place to start is to research homeschooling laws in your state. You can do this with a quick google search. Depending on where you live, it can either be almost too simple or next to impossible to homeschool your children. No matter where the laws are on this scale just know it is possible.

  • Do you have the patience to educate your children: Do you have the patience to be with your child all of the time? Do you have the patience to teach your child? The answers to these questions are yes and yes. You have all the patience and time you need to educate your children. I am not saying it will be easy because there will be times when you feel you don't have the patience. I am saying though that it is all within you to have the strength, time, and patience to educate your child in the way you see fit. No plant is grown in a day.

  • Can you make learning fun: To be honest, there is a high percentage of trained teachers that still don’t have THIS one down. It’s a very important requirement, however, when it comes to homeschooling. Many parents can

actually do this better than teachers. Use your imagination and creativity to help your children WANT to learn. Also, check out Homeschool Days to give you some ideas on educational things to do outside of the house.

  • Are you qualified to teach your children: You might think this is a difficult question to answer but it isn't. Yes, you are qualified! You are more than qualified so stop the self-doubting. You might also be thinking, "I don't know everything". Who does? Even if you had trouble with a certain subject yourself when in school, this can be an opportunity for both you and your children to learn and understand it better together. There is also outsourcing, free online resources, and co-ops. You have the resources and support to teach your children.

  • You don't have the time: You don't have the time. You have to work. You are a single parent. All that is understandable but homeschooling is still possible. That is one of the many beauties of homeschooling. You don't have to do it on a set day nor time of day. You can mold it to fit your lifestyle. You can homeschool in the morning, afternoons, or evenings. You can homeschool on certain days like Monday through Thursday or only on weekends (Friday through Sunday). The ways are endless. You have the power to choose what works for your family. Nothing has to be set in stone. If it doesn't work change it.

You should look at this list and know that homeschooling is and can be for you no matter your situation, forge ahead with confidence and determination. You’re on the path to a fun, rewarding and fulfilling adventure.