5 Things That Will Change The Way You Transition Into Homeschool

Transiting from public school to home school can most definitely be an experience for both you and your children. In doing my research to figure out what would be the best way to transition I found so much information but as we all know what works for one person may not work for the next. I have put together some tips that could help you with your transition.

People ask me all the time how did I do it? How did your daughter feel about the change? What did you do to make it easy for her? Well, here are five things I did to help both my daughter and me transition to homeschool. 

Extended Summer

I chose to allow my daughter to be school-free for the whole summer and added an additional month to her summer vacation. I felt it was important to give her that time so that when we did start home school it would be a fresh start to something that was new to both of us. 

Give Them The Choice

One of the things that I felt was most important in choosing to home school was to allow my daughter to have a say in some of the things she wanted to learn. I wanted to focus on her interests and apply them to our everyday learning. I felt this made it fun for her and kept her engaged. Giving your child a choice helps you to know their interest and find the subjects they want to learn.  It also makes them feel empowered as they are a part of the planning process.

Home School Is Not School At Home  

Home school is not a public school at home! Unless you want it to be but with all the freedom you have why would you?  You don't have to stick to the schedule of the public school system nor do you have to teach all of the same subjects. Of course, you should teach the required; Math, Reading, Science, & Social Studies, but you teach them the way you want to and at the speed your child needs.

Other then the required subjects teach them what they want, whether its Swahili for language or Moor Studies for Culture/History. Enjoy the freedom and teach them all the things you know they wouldn't learn in public school. 

Have Fun 

Fun!? Yes, you read that right, have fun. Making this as fun as possible takes the pressure off you and them. It creates an environment that allows your child to be free, be themselves, and removes the pressure that they often feel in public school. Do fun events that are educational. Take fun field trips to places they are interested in. Plan a home school day at the park. Whatever you can do to make learning fun, do it!  Check out my article on Homeschool Days for some ideas.

Keep Them Active

When taking a child from public school to home school one of the things they will miss the most will be being able to see all their friends from school. They will miss talking at lunch and playing at recess. They will miss seeing the same people every day. You may feel a little guilty at first and that's okay but the best way to get past all of that is to keep them active. 

Also, homeschool doesn't always have to be at home. Take it to the park or even have a lesson or two at the library. There are so many activities available that

allow them to be active and sociable. 

Before you go I have a bonus tip for you. 

Don't Be Hard On Yourself

Going into this you may feel like this is a lot but you got this! In the beginning, it may seem hard and you may even think about giving up. Keep in mind your reasons for wanting to start this journey. Ask yourself if sending your child back into an environment that is not the best for him/her mentally, emotionally, nor educationally is the best option. In the times you want to give up just take a short break and regrouped. Focus on what is important and reasons you chose to home school; your children. Them alone can give you the drive to keep pushing and figuring this thing out. So take a break if you need to. Regroup and try other options if you need to. Do it your way!!